Hi, I'm Josh. I'm a web designer and developer working from Birmingham, UK.

I build simple, yet powerful, products with clear, modern designs to connect the world. Let's Talk.

Recent Projects

Clicky screenshot


#Clicky is a beautifully simple, open source, Chrome Extension built to integrate seamlessly with popular chat app Slack.

Designed to be the fastest way to send a link to a Slack channel, user, or group, #Clicky enables users to share their page in just two clicks.

You can download #Clicky for free on the Chrome Store, view and modify the source code on GitHub, or read more about the development process on my blog.

GifPro image


GifPro was created during a 24 hour hackathon, and built from just a GoPro camera, a Raspberry Pi, and a battery pack.

GifPro captures a series of images from the GoPro's (undocumented) live video stream, pieces them together into a gif, and then uploads that gif to Twitter and Tumblr.

HueText image


HueText allows you to control your Phillips Hue lights using SMS messages. This allows anyone set the colour of your lights from anywhere in the world, even without an internet connection.

HueText utilizes Sipcentric's Streaming API to listen for received SMS messages. If the message contains a valid colour (RGB or HEX) then a request is sent to the Phillips Hue Bridge to change the colour of the lights.

I have this running during the day on one of my lights so feel free to try it out by sending a text message with a colour in RGB or HEX format to 01143034483.